Monday, September 28, 2009

Well, my completely crazy life is almost done, so I can return to normal. Well as normal as it can be. Extern will be over next week! and BEAR will be returning home! I am so thankful Chris is letting me keep my little pup!

I cannot describe how wonderful it is to have a home with my husband! I swear things started out rough, being married not just living together. I think the stress of being apart so much due to school was the hardest thing I have gone through. Now that we are together in our house, things couldnt be better. I think it happened this way for a reason. Our relationship is totally not typical and I love it. We are growing closer and closer now, and i cant get over that wonderful feeling I have when i walk in the door and my sweetie has cleaned and he gives me a big hug. He has supported me going to school and helped me all that he can since my hours are so long.

okay I am done ranting and raving about my wonderful hubby, just want him to know how much he means to me!!!!

soon to come photos of the house and such =]

Friday, September 11, 2009

2009= huge year

I cannot believe how much has gone on in just this year!

First Christopher and I got married (february 7th!)

We bought our first house & moved in LAST WEEK!

And yesterday was my last day of Medical Assistant classes. Here I come extern! That is only going to last 5 weeks and 2 days. I will officially be an MA!

Along with all the ups there have been so many downs. But no matter what we will make it through. God will give us strenght to make it through it all.

Now I am preparing myself for the next chapter in my life, Nursing! Just a few pre-req classes and im good to go.

I can't believe it has almost been 4 years since we graduated high school!(in may) Time really flies, especially after high school. I really hope things continue to work out. God has blessed Chris and I with love, a home and amazing families.

= ]