Sunday, February 27, 2011


It has been a lonnnng time since I have posted. It is ALREADY 2011! We still have Ninja, and he is our favorite little guy ever! He is the light in our lives! We couldnt ask for a better dog.... he is just so special to the both of us.
In other news.....

Chris and I just celebrated our two year wedding anniversary! And for that we are staying at the Arizona Grand Resort next weekend. (thanks to my mom-in-law) We are both excited!

I just cannot believe it has been 2 years! =] And in August, we will be together for 7 years!

We both are doing the same thing (working at the same places). Can't complain... We both have jobs, still own our house, and have our cars! =] I would say life is going very well for us!

That is all for now.... will definitely be posting again SOON!

Y The Holms

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